About Us

About Us

Who we are

SoundWise is a small business whose mission is to allow artists to produce their music professionally while carefully taking into account their personality, aspirations and goals, and without spending big money. Making music requires a level of personal involvement that is unlike any other commercial activity. Being musicians ourselves, we understand the challenges you are facing so we will talk with you and get to know you, as well as your goals and tastes. Only then will we make an offer that will suit your needs and actually help you make your project a reality in the best possible way.

SoundWise has been founded out of passion and is definitively driven by the love of music. We currently have two small studio locations in Singapore, and we strive to constantly expand and improve our setup with one goal in mind: helping budding artists to step up their game and sound professional. We guarantee your music will be cherished and processed with the same care as if it was our own.

SoundWise is managed by Jean-Marc Boulier, a French expat who has been living in Singapore for 4 years. He started his musical career alongside Sébastien Tellier, a major figure of the french touch genre, as a keyboard player and arranger. Jean-Marc then shifted to producing and mixing music, combining self-learning with various trainings in professional studios as well as Berklee College of Music’s online school and now has close to 30 years of experience in music production. His main areas of expertise are mixing and mastering.

Jean-Marc is also a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. You can check out his releases on Spotify. His other accomplishments include (course certificates):

Also on the team, Jonathan Chua specializes in recording, including drums. He has been active in the organisation of local music events and gigs, together with Music Junkie Productions and World without borders at Scape in Singapore. Jonathan has been doing music and band recordings since 1998, and is the owner of Illume Sound, a sound rental and events company.

Jonathan has recently started a new project in Singapore: he leads the J-rock band Dissonance.