Mixing is a fundamental stage of the creation process. There are a lot of different ways it can be approached and it can literally make or break the song. Solid musicianship and excellent command of mixing technologies are equally required to achieve a great result. Besides, respecting the original intention while enhancing the sound is a difficult balance to strike. This complex sonic alchemy shouldn’t be taken lightly or left in inexperienced hands.

Prior to mixing, we talk to our client and mutually agree on guidelines. Then we fully engage in the mixing process and always thrive to bring out the best in their music!

A mixing session

Audio editing

Step up your recordings with our audio editing services! A song will only be as good as the musicians actually performed it in the studio. The vast majority of pro recordings use editing so you shouldn’t be ashamed to call on us for what is commonly called “pocketing”: we can adjust the timing of your drums, tune a vocal take, adjust the alignement of a doubled guitar performance with a surgical use of cutting or warping, and much more.

For voice overs, we can clean up unwanted noises (background hum or hiss, mouth noises, breaths, sibilance, plosives) and enhance the vocal sound with an expert use of equalization and compression, among other tools.

Mixing and editing is exclusively performed by Jean-Marc, who has many years of experience in this craft. You can check out his work on SoundWise SoundCloud portfolio. Please contact us with any question or quote request you may have.