Why would you need production support and what does a producer do anyway?

For starters, a producer offers an outside, expert view on your art and his insight is invaluable in many regards. Performing live is very different from making a record in a studio: when it comes to setting in stone a unique performance that is meant to be played back countless times, every step of the process needs to be carefully and professionally executed. With easy access to DAWs and recording gear virtually anyone can appoint themselves a producer nowadays… but only experience, training and talent will make a song great at the end of the day.

With decades of music production experience, SoundWise can assist you professionally with every step of your project:

  • songwriting (melody, tonality, song structure)
  • arrangement (tempo, instrument selection, vocal harmonies, key selection to match singer’s range)
  • MIDI programming
  • finding session musicians for a professional grade studio performance
  • handling the recording, mixing and mastering stages
  • artistic direction and coaching
  • music distribution and promotion

MIDI drums programming