Music recording

SoundWise has two recording rooms in Singapore: a live room for drums and amped instruments, and a dry room for vocals or smaller, acoustic instruments. Both rooms have been acoustically treated in order to enhance the sonic properties of your music and sounds. You can rely on our talented team to make the most out of your recording session and to guide you throughout the process in order to achieve the sound you have in mind.

Session musician hire

Being able to convey the original emotion of your creations while playing in the pocket is key to a great recording. Should you need assistance with some instrumental parts in order to achieve a compelling studio performance, we can get professional studio musicians to track them for you. We can also program very realistic MIDI drums or other instruments, based on your demo or instructions.

Voice over production

We can also provide voice over recording services for media broadcast (advertisement, documentary, podcast, corporate video…) or any other business need (audiobook, announcement, presentations…). Whatever your message, it will come through with more efficiency and strength if it is recorded using professional methods in a proper acoustic environment.

We have a variety of professional microphones and preamps to choose from, we can accommodate all kinds of recording needs. You will remain the sole owner of the recordings you have made at SoundWise, unless you require otherwise. Please get in touch with us and let us know about your recording needs or inquire about our rates.

Drum room
Vocal room