We provide recording, mixing, mastering and production services for bands and solo artists. Check it out below or contact us if you’d like a personalised quote for your project.

Let experienced professionals capture your best sounds and help you define your identity by crafting your very own sound. Our recording method consists of overdubbing, which allows you to get creative and correct potential mistakes.

We are passionate about mixing and will turn your recordings into polished masterpieces. Our expertise in audio editing, timing and vocal tuning can upscale your performance to the next level.

An outside and experienced view on your art is often the best way to get it off the ground. Our seasoned, professional music producer can assist you in all the steps of the creation process: songwriting, arrangements, MIDI programming, vocal coaching, digital distribution, promotion and more.

Our mastering engineer will ensure your production matches the industry standards in terms of loudness, tonal balance, and optimal translation on all kind of playback systems. We optimise your masters for streaming services and are accredited on Apple Digital Masters providers list.

Let us work with you!

Check out our previous work on our showcase section and inquire about our rates, availability or services, with no obligation.