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Welcome to SoundWise, where your music advances to the next level with our impressive mixing and mastering services.

What makes a song stand out?

It has to be skillfully written, performed and recorded in the first place, for sure. But the following steps are crucial. A great mixing engineer will emphasize the best parts and spawn ear candies out of the arrangement. Solid musicianship and mixing techniques will allow them to strike an optimum balance every time.

Then at the end of the production journey, the mastering engineer is the last person to introduce changes to your song before it is burnt on CD or uploaded online forever. Making sure it translates as initially intended across all kinds of listening devices, with the ideal loudness and tonal balance and in the right format requires a solid skill set and a reliable professional.

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about the company

I am Jean-Marc Boulier, owner of SoundWise and I’ve been producing music for 30 years. Over time, I have gradually specialized in mixing and mastering, helping hundreds of musicians turn their recordings into finished products that sound accomplished and that they can be proud of.
Now I would love to know who you are and what kind of songs you make. Do you feel like learning more about what we can achieve with your music together? Please reach out to me!

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Would you like to receive objective feedback from an experienced professional on your song, and learn how to make it sound even better? Send it to me and I’ll gladly offer a free consultation.