Resources for independent artists

Producing music is easier than ever, so being independent is a choice that a lot of artists make these days. But it comes with its share of challenges and difficulties. Therefore, we are glad to offer a series of guides on topics that DIY musicians commonly need help with. If you would like us to write more articles on different topics, feel free to drop us a line!

Optimum mixing checklist

In this article we break down four easy steps that facilitate a better mix for your music. Learn the best mix prep practices that will help your workflow and that of the mixing engineer. Besides, you will find useful techniques and tips to get the most out of your mixing job.

Man listening to music
Smartphone and headphones

Promoting your music online

This is a survival guide for independent artists who aren’t keen on marketing. In this article you will learn the basics of music promotion. We cover the essentials such as artwork, website, social media, visuals, marketing, and planning a release. Our angle is to help you do all of this with little to no external help.

Introduction to mastering

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Maselec mastering